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Observing Clubs

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Astronomical observing is the primary activity of most amateur astronomers. Yet, sometimes you may get stuck in a rut looking at the same familiar objects over and over again. In order to bolster interest in further study of the night sky and provide some observing goals for novice and advanced observers alike, the Astronomical League, of which all BRAS members are a part of, offers their Observing Club Awards.

Inspired by their idea, BRAS is now offering our own Observing Club Awards. Many of these clubs are simply scaled down versions of the same clubs offered by the Astronomical League. By following the same guidelines and recording procedures outlined by the AL clubs but requiring fewer observations, obtaining an Observing Award from BRAS should be within reach of even the busiest part-time observer. Also, in most cases, any observations made towards a BRAS Observing Award will count toward the same award for the Astronomical League for those that wish to pursue their observing to the next level.

We only have one at the moment, but keep checking back for more to be added in the near future!

Moonwatcher’s Certificate

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