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News and Events

200th birthday of Tom Gehrels.

For information on events at the Observatory, please visit its Calendar of Events page.

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BRAS is an organization created and sustained by people who share a common interest in amateur astronomy. Established in 1981, and with about 95 members currently, BRAS is a meeting place for amateur astronomers in and around the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.

BRAS membership is a varied collection of individuals. Some members, new to amateur astronomy, are seeking to learn the basics such as, “How do I learn about the night sky? How does the solar system really work? What is a black hole? What is the best telescope for me? How do I get started in astrophotography?” Other members may be quite experienced in such areas as the visual night sky, cosmology, observing techniques, setting circles, astrophotography, optics, and telescope making. Most members, however, are amateurs with a love of the night sky who enjoy sharing their interest with others.

Programs are varied and can cover many different topics. Films on solar system exploration and the Universe have been viewed and discussed. Exhibits of various astronomical charts, books, computer programs have been brought by members. Other activities include stargazing at the Highland Road Park Observatory and at a members only dark sky site. Participation in regional observing events, such as the Deep South Star Gaze (Fall) and the Messier Marathon (Spring). Special programs for the members and the public such as Astronomy Day and Space Week. Members can participate in a wide variety of observing programs and awards offered by the Astronomical League, of which membership in BRAS entitles you to.

Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Monday of the month at the Observatory, at 7:00 pm. However, this time and place is subject to change. Information about meetings is included in the club newsletter NIGHT VISIONS. For information you can call the Observatory at (225) 768-9948 during office hours, or contact:

Merrill Hess - (225) 567-3450 (home), (e-mail)

Craig Brenden - (225) 751-1685

If you would like to join BRAS, or would like to get some more information, use the link on the left.

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  • President: Scott Cadwallader
  • Vice-President: Coy Wagoner
  • Secretary: Thomas Halligan
  • Treasurer: Trey Anding
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