Inside a Nebula

Pretty patterns of gas and dust.
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Inside a Nebula

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We have all the fantastic mesmerizing pictures of nebulae.

But actually, our eyes are not sensitive to the kind of light that nebulae produce. Once close to them, you cannot see the light they produce. If the Earth was put inside of the nebula you wouldn’t be able to see it.

In some nebulae stars formed inside the cloud illuminate their light through the cloud, making it hardly visible to us.

The Solar System? After gathering the data from our Sun we could calculate the lightness of nearby stars. If we lived inside a nebula, we would notice that the Sun is much brighter. The nebula would be only the dimming light going outside of it.

The densest area that we might pass would be a nebula. ... tes11.html

-'The densest nebulae can have densities of 10,000 molecules per cubic centimetre (or sometimes even more)'.

-The hottest interstellar gas has a temperature of 8000 Kelvin (or more). (The Solar System, by the way, seems to be located within a large, low-density bubble within the interstellar medium.)

For sure, the travelling path should avoid asteroid belts, would have probably the same approach as we do have now, avoiding orbiting large mass bodies or using them for acceleration.

Our spacecraft would be something totally new piece of technology that we have now to travel further.
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