Forum Rules and Contact Information

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Forum Rules and Contact Information

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Welcome to the Baton Rouge Astronomical Society Forums! In order to keep these forums a safe and family friendly site, please follow the rules below:

You must register in order to post on the forum. Unregistered guests may read the forum and vote on polls, but nothing beyond that.

Please keep posts on topic of the various forum categories. Off topic posts will be deleted.

No links to non-space or astronomy related web pages please. Registered users may use a link to a personal web site, even if it isn't astronomy or space related in their user profile and signature, as long as it is a personal page and not a commercial site.

As there may be children reading here, please watch your language! Certain words are banned completely by the forum, and use of other inappropriate language and comments in general will result in the post being deleted and the user banned!

You may have up to 3 attachments in a post, 1 in a private message. Attachments cannot be larger than 256 KB, and must be astronomy or space related.

Violations of any of these rules will result in the offending post being deleted, and the possible permanent banning of the user!

Contact Information

If you are a registered user and are having a problem on the forum, you can send me a Private Message (PM) by clicking on my username.

If you are an Unregistered guest and are having trouble registering, or have questions, you will need to send an email to
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