'Fuzzy' dark matter might make stars form in giant 'pancakes'

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'Fuzzy' dark matter might make stars form in giant 'pancakes'

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A model of exotic dark matter suggests that the first stars may have formed not as individuals, but as tiny pockets embedded in gigantic, pancake-like sheets. This would have led to the formation of truly gigantic stars that the James Webb Space Telescope may be able to detect, a research team says.

Astronomers have a wealth of evidence to suggest that the vast majority of all matter in the universe is dark matter, meaning it does not interact with light or normal matter. For example, stars whip around the centers of their galaxies far too quickly given the gravity of all the matter we can see. The same thing happens when we observe the motions of galaxies within clusters. And the cosmic web, the large-structure arrangement of galaxies throughout the universe, appeared and developed far too quickly given the meager amount of gravity provided by all the visible objects.

So a large portion of our universe is invisible, but we do not yet know what that dark portion is made of. One popular suggestion is known as cold dark matter, which means that the dark matter is made of some kind of exotic particle that generally travels much slower than the speed of light. While this model is enormously successful — it can explain all the strange observations of galaxies and structures — it does have some shortcomings.

Read more: https://www.space.com/fuzzy-dark-matter ... -formation
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