Lots of stuff for sale - Big and Small

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Lots of stuff for sale - Big and Small

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As most know, we cannot take it all with us......well, maybe not. But in any event I have way too much stuff and a crowded office so I do really need to divest myself of some things.

Primary items of interest, maybe to some include a:

Orion 100 ED which if an f/9 doublet apo refractor with FPL53 glass. (This scope was first sold in the US by Orion back in 2004 when it cost me a bit over $1000) This is the version that I have. It has a dark grey metal flake tube. It is in excellent condition. I am offering it for $400 with it's original one speed crayford focuser. It is also available with an aftermarket GSO black anodized linear rail 2 speed crayford focuser. The GSO focuser both looks and performs a whole lot better but the GSO focuser increases the price to $500. If you get the better focuser you can have the original one too, no charge. (Note - this telescope is really very, very good, but I have a Takahashi FS102 which has a few more very, very's in front of good. Same identical optics in the Orion ED 100 as the SkyWatcher ED refractors, but the Orion version looks better. The tube also has cradle rings.

Losmandy GM8 equatorial mount with tripod and motor drive. Excellent condition, only problem is that I have two of them and only really need one. This mount is rated at a 30 lb. weight capacity. Asking $750 for this one

Bogen Manfrotto camera tripod, very nice. Model #3051 with a #3047 3 way tilt head. Asking $100 for this one.

4 foot by 4 inch diameter heavy steel pier. has a welded on flat plate on the bottom with 4 drilled holes, (which will allow you to pour a concrete pad to easily set up the pier), one drilled hole in each corner. Mount a telescope mount, bird bath or sun dial in your yard with this one. Asking $50.

Maybe some other stuff too, will supplement this list later.

Note - local pickup only, I will not ship.

Barry Simon
504 481-2450
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