Galaxies 'shipyard'

The Milky Way is but one of billions.
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Galaxies 'shipyard'

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Galaxies are the best known large cosmic formations that we know and are able to observe.
They give us new understandings of star formations, space expansion, universe past, current and theories for future.

There is so much unknown about them that every new ‘small’ difference that comes out of our classification and databases is a breakthrough. Not to mention that the hardest one to observe and know is our own Milky Way galaxy, due to the fact that we are inside.

Astronomers have found a distant massive protocluster, following other similar findings around the world.

We do not have much knowledge about protoclusters and that means a huge potential for new discoveries and universe understanding (where are we now and were possibly we are going).

"This discovery is an important step toward reaching our ultimate goal: understanding the assembly of galaxy clusters, the most massive structures that exist in the universe" - the article: ... 172624.htm
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