Meteorites statistics

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Meteorites statistics

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The Earth has always been vulnerable to outer space.
Occurrences like large asteroids are rare, but natural activities, such as solar storms, strike from space much more frequently. These have a direct effect on electronic systems, especially satellite-based technologies.
The burst of human-made satellites has created a space hazard of its own, as the loads of orbiting debris have the potential to destroy other satellites.
In the US both NASA and the U.S. Space Force tracks space debris, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration monitors space weather, Planetary Defense Coordination Office coordinates the search for potentially hazardous asteroids and other near-Earth objects (NEOs).
The European Space Agency (ESA) has pulled all these activities together under the umbrella of its Space Situational Awareness program.

The Earth is shielded by the Moon, the atmosphere, CORDS, National exploration/defense organisations. But it is a question, where a meteorite reaches the earth, it is a question, where it does. In deserted places or overcrowded cities or not overcrowded towns.
They say, statistically, 6% of people can be hit by a meteorite yearly.

Have you ever been near to be hit by a meteorite?
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