2021 Light Pollution Committee Meetings

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2021 Light Pollution Committee Meetings

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The Light Pollution Committee meetings return to the public! The next LPC meeting will be on Tuesday 12 October from 6pm to 7pm at the Highland Road Park Observatory.

Attendees will be focusing on at least two areas of discussion:
1) a statement from BREC declaring that new outdoor lighting will be FCO and properly mounted and shielded
1) the current status of the Multi-Year Plan

Most recent publicly-released minutes of the LPC:
http://www.brastro.org/newsletter/2021- ... letter.pdf

All LPC meetings are open to the public; if you live in or near Baton Rouge, please come. With your help, we can bring back natural contrast skies over the Highland Road Park Observatory and the surrounding areas.
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Re: 2021 Light Pollution Committee Meetings

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12 September???
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