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2021 Asteroid Day

Posted: June 15th, 2021, 2:15 pm
by Christopher K.
The Baton Rouge Astronomical Society is continuing the incredible Asteroid Day at the Highland Road Park Observatory. The event will take place on Saturday 3 July from 7pm to 10pm.

Selected Viewing Targets (Preliminary)
9pm to 10pm = Antares
9:09pm = Atlas-Centaur Rocket Body [visible pass]
9:15pm to 10pm = Albireo
9:20pm = unknown object from Japan [visible pass]
9:37pm = the Cosmos 2278 rocket [visible pass]
9:39pm = the Cosmos 389 rocket [visible pass]
9:45pm = an H-IIA 202 rocket body [visible pass]
9:45pm to 10pm = asteroids 2 Vesta and 4 Juno

Asteroid Day is a nice compliment to ARRL Field Day (which takes place the weekend before, 26 June, from 2pm to 10pm at HRPO). Both events showcase the value of radio in pure science gathering, hobby socializing, emergency transmissions and protection of community populations.

Re: 2021 Asteroid Day

Posted: July 3rd, 2021, 6:22 pm
by Christopher K.
Below is the NOAA forecast for HRPO's planned viewing time of 7pm to 10pm...
precipitation potential, 50%
sky cover, 64%
relative humidity, 76%
temperature, 27˚C
heat index, 32˚C
surface wind, W 5 km/h
Danko's Clear Dark Sky states that during HRPO's viewing time the transparency rating will be "below average" (2 out of 5) and the seeing rating will be "transparent" (5 out of 5).

There will be no viewing. HRPO will close at 8:30pm CDT.

The 3 July 2021 rating is...