Deep South Star Gaze - 2 Weeks and counting

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Deep South Star Gaze - 2 Weeks and counting

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It is now two weeks and a day from the beginning of the 36th Annual Deep South Star Gaze at our new location at the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp located near Sandy Hook, MS.

(I know of several BRAS members who are regulars at the DSSG who have not registered yet.)

Here are some of the pluses in my estimation -

1) For most from New Orleans, it is a shorter drive by about 20 miles, for Baton Rouge, you will have a further drive than to FRC, but you can still get there in about 150 minutes.

2) Darker skies, Bortle 3 skies here, not Bortle 4. You will see dimmer objects naked eye, plus the horizons are lower, you will see more sky. The skies here are equivalent to what you had at Kisatchie or Hodges Gardens.

3) There will be a snack bar at night for those that really like to eat. The Snack Bar will be open from 8 pm to 10 pm

4) More room to spread out, no worries about a good spot to set up.

5) Shorter walk to get inside for a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, programs, etc.

6) Not too far from the "Little Grand Canyon of Mississippi" - you really have to check this out!

7) Our host is from New Orleans and she owns the place, aiming to please.

8) Good motel option in Columbia, MS for those that want the privacy of a motel room. It is about 14 miles away

Most questions can be answered if you join our new Message Board, the web address is -
You also have access to the registration forms on that site.

Registration fees increase after 10/27. Be sure to have your registration postmarked by then, otherwise the fees are increased as per the information on the registration form.

Once you join if you do not see an answer to any question you may have - post it and it will be answered.


Barry Simon
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