Veil Nebula (Cederblad 182B and NGC 6960)

Pretty patterns of gas and dust.
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Veil Nebula (Cederblad 182B and NGC 6960)

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"A faint curved arc like a ghostly white rainbow, over one degree in length."...such were the words of Robert Burnham describing this moderately-difficult-to-access object. The Bridal Veil Nebula was another name for it at one time. I'm to understand that in dark skies, one can see it with a six-inch scope at low power. It is magnitude 7.0 and is located in Cygnus, 3˚15' south of the K-class magnitude 2.5 star Gienah.

The Veil is part of Stephen James O'Meara's so-called "Ghost Hunt"--a collection of over 100 celestial objects suitable for Halloween viewing. That's tonight! The Veil Nebula is currently about fifty degrees up.

More information:
Celestial Handbook by Robert Burnham, pp. 800-811. ... ebula.html
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