2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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The registration form is now available. Note - there is no registration fee for the Spring Scrimmage. Your only costs are for lodging (if you want that) or day use fees if not staying on site overnight.

Note - The basic form does include the Liability Waiver. There is new wording, basically adding the wording about the prohibition of open carry or concealed carry of firearms while on site in compliance with Mississippi state laws when a private landowner wishes to prohibit open carry or conceal carry (and the Deep South Star Gaze absolutely prohibits open carry and concealed carry too). You can have your firearm in your vehicle if you feel that is necessary, but it should not be displayed or carried outside of your vehicle. This has been discussed to death and more about this is now also discussed on the attached Rules and Regulations. Signage will be displayed on site.

Vaccine (COVID) documentation is not necessary. Honor system only. Vaccination status will be used in making bunk assignments for those that need that.

See: dssg.boards.net for the necessary registration forms.

Questions? Please ask in this thread.


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Re: 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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Note - the dates are Wednesday, April 27th to Sunday morning, May 1st. The location, as it has been for the past 4 years is the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp located between Bogalusa, LA and Columbia, MS near Sandy Hook, MS. The address is 315 Hurricane Creek Road, Sandy Hook, MS. From the mailbox that is marked 315 Hurricane Creek Road, turn north off this road and past the White Horse sign straight north on the dirt road. You cannot miss it.

White Horse has lower horizons and darker skies than any previous home of the Deep South Star Gaze.

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Re: 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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2 weeks and 2 days to the official start of the Deep South Spring Scrimmage on Wednesday April 27th. Still too far away to give any sort of accurate weather forecasts, but in about another 10 days doing that will be more of a possibility.

While we only have 9 who have officially registered as of this past Saturday, I know of 8 more who have told me personally that they plan on attending. I think this is because they too are waiting on an accurate weather forecast. Keep in mind that the Spring Scrimmage runs over 4 nights and while there may be some adverse weather on one or two days, 4 days and nights almost assures that we will have at least one good night and likely more. Last fall at the 39th Annual DSSG we had 3 good nights out of 5 (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday).

Let me address some common questions and possible misconceptions about the upcoming Spring Scrimmage and our site at the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp.

1) We do not have a registration fee for the Spring Scrimmage......but you do have to register. Registration is for several reasons including: so we can give Carol at White Horse an idea of what our needs are - how many bunkhouses need to be opened and how much food to purchase to name a few.

2) On the subject of food.......while it is not on the Registration Form, Carol is planning on offering an evening meal at 6 pm. As we will be operating under Daylight Savings Time, eating at 6 pm still gives us plenty of time to get back out on the field to make final preparations for an evening of astronomy. Other meals, you are on your own (there is a microwave and coffee pot available for our use in the main building and for both breakfast and lunch we do have nearby options in the form of the Country Diner and The Smokehouse plus several other options in Columbia, MS.

3) COVID Vaccination is up to you. Bunkhouse assignments will be made based open vaccination status. Last fall for the 39th Annual Deep South Star Gaze, vaccination proof was required, but we were still in the Delta Surge. That is behind us now and things appear to be getting better. I had a very mild case of the Omicron Variant in January and that was in spite of being vaccinated and boosted. Note though if you experience any symptoms that makes you suspicious of COVID you should test and if you test positive, we strongly suggest that you not attend.

4) Once again, there is no registration fee but we do registration for the purposes of an accurate head count. Note, when you register please pencil in whether or not you have had a Covid vaccination(s) and what nights if any you want an evening meal. Additionally, all attendees should read and sign the Liability Waiver. A signed Liability Waiver is mandatory.

5) What do you need to bring with you? Sheets, blanket, pillow and/or a sleeping bag and soap, towel, washcloth, etc. for the bathroom. Snacks, drinks, etc. plus weather appropriate clothing and your astronomy gear.

6) Note - the Liability Waiver has been updated. The major change agreed on by the Advisory Board is the addition of wording banning both open carry and concealed carry of firearms at White Horse. This is fully supported by Carol at White Horse, and with appropriate signage on site is fully backed by law. Additionally unless the Liability Waiver is signed (which explains this) you cannot register and if not registered you cannot attend. We always had thought this was a common sense/courtesy sort of thing but apparently recent events showed that we were wrong, hence the addition of the rule.

"Note - your vehicle is your castle, anyone can store their personal protection (i.e. - firearm, knives, battle ax, spear gun, etc.) in their vehicle, just no need to carry it or display it either out on the observing fields or in any of the buildings."

7) Start time is 12 noon on Wednesday, April 27th. White Horse is located at 315 Hurricane Creek Road, Sandy Hook, MS. The address is for the mail box on Hurricane Creek Road. On the opposite side of the road you will see the White Horse sign. Head up the dirt road where the sign is. The road is straight but it does "roller-coaster". You will be on this road for just about 1 mile, and then you are there!

Questions? Let me know.

Barry Simon
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Re: 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage

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2022 Annual DSSG Spring Scrimmage
(a function of the Deep South Star Gaze)
White Horse Christian Retreat Camp – April 27th – May 1st , 2022
NAME __________________________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS _____________________________________(City) _____________________State)_____ (Zip)_________
TELEPHONE ( ) CLUB AFFIL. (if any) _______________________ EMAIL ________________________________________________
Vaccination Status – please check appropriate box Vaccinated for COVID 19 YES _______ NO _________
Vaccination Status will be used to determine bunk room assignments if bunk space is needed, vaccination documentation is not required (honor system only)
1. Registration Fee – NONE, all fees are for housing, camping and meals

2. Lodging Reservation Choices - Select desired lodging type (2a, 2b 2c or 2d) if staying on-site
2a) Bunk Reservations (note – linens and towels are not provided, please bring your own. Please bring your own blankets too.)
Rate # of people Amount Due
Wednesday (4/27) $35.00 per person X ______________ = ______________
Thursday (4/28) $35.00 per person X ______________ = ______________
Friday (4/29) $35.00 per person X _____________ = ______________
Saturday (4/30) $35.00 per person X _____________ = ______________

Bunk Reservations Total $ ____________

2b) Camper, RV or any other vehicle overnight: Reservations – Electrical hookup for rv’s and campers in designated areas only. If tying into a breaker for a camper or rv or otherwise staying overnight in a camper, rv or other vehicle the fee is $35 per night. There are no sanitary hook ups for campers and rv’s. Generators can be used only in designated areas outside of the “Arena Field”. Picnic canopies are permitted on the observing field in compliance with our Light and Parking Rules.
Rate (per night) (Add $5 for # people more than 2) Amount Due
Wednesday (4/27) $35 per rv, camper or any other vehicle overnight if not in a bunkhouse ______________
Thursday (4/28) $35 per rv, camper or any other vehicle overnight if not in a bunkhouse
Friday (4/29) $35 per rv, camper or any other vehicle overnight if not in a bunkhouse
Saturday (4/30) $35 per rv, camper or any other vehicle overnight if not in a bunkhouse
Camper, RV or any other vehicle overnight: Reservations Total $ ____________

2c) Day Use Fee – This fee only applies to those who chose to come up for a day only and leave that night,
No overnight lodging of any type needed – Day use fee is $10 ……………..Total $ ___________

2d) Tent Reservations – For those registering for the DSSG Spring Scrimmage who would prefer to stay in a tent, the fee is $15 per tent per night. This is a per person charge except for married couples or parents with children. ($15 per tent for married couples or families, $15 per person if not related)
# of People Total per Night
____________ @ $15 = ______________ Wednesday, April 27th ____________ @ $15 = ______________ Thursday, April 28th ____________ @ $15 = ______________ Friday, April 29th ____________ @ $15 = ______________ Saturday, April 30th
Tent Reservations Total $ ____________

3. Meals - we do not have a meal plan for the Spring Scrimmage like we do in the fall for the Deep South Star Gaze. Carol does do a snack bar at about 8 pm. Depending on interest we could have an afternoon meal available at 4 pm. Burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc. will be available. Pay for those as you order them. Drinks will be available too. Coffee all day. You will also be able to use the microwave. The Country Diner should be open for breakfast and lunch. Bring plenty of your own snacks.

Note – do you want an evening meal at 6 pm on Weds____ or Thurs____ or Fri____ or Sat____
Please indicate above by a check mark or if more than you by a number indicating how many

4. Raffle Prizes – We will do some raffle prizes like we did last year. Prizes of equivalent value to what we take in. if we take in $100 we will have a prize or prizes worth $100, if $200 taken in, a $200 prize or prizes, etc. Raffle Tickets - $5.00 each or 6 for $25.00 – Purchase on site

Email me at bsimon615@aol.com if you have any questions or for reservation verification
Grand Total
Total of sections 1 thru 4 TOTAL REMITTED $___________

All checks (no cash) should be made payable to “Barry Simon” and mailed to:

Barry Simon, DSSG Director
842 Crystal Street
New Orleans, LA 70124
I, , of
(print name) (city and state)

in consideration of my fee form being accepted for the 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage, I hereby irrevocably covenant, promise and agree to relieve, release and hold harmless the DSSG, it's organizers, and workers from any and all losses, claims, expenses, law suits, costs, demands, damages or liabilities, whether joint or several or of whatever kind or nature related, or from any sickness, infection, injuries and / or losses, up to and including accidental death or death due to illness attributable to any cause which may occur to the undersigned registrant or his family, or any third person or party for whom the undersigned may be legally responsible while attending the 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage.

I further agree to indemnify any party indicated above should such party suffer any claims, liabilities, losses, demands, causes of action, law suits and expenses (including attorney fees), caused directly or indirectly by my negligent or intentional acts, or failure to act, or if such acts or failures to act are directly or indirectly caused by any person in my family while participating in the 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage.

It is understood that the 2022 Deep South Spring Scrimmage is held at the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp located near Sandy Hook, Mississippi. It is understood that the above named event commences at 12 noon on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022 and runs until 12 Noon on Sunday, May 1st, 2022. As this is a rural area with a number of events held out of doors and in and around motor vehicles and in the presence of large numbers of other participants, certain dangers and perils are understood and accepted by me in registering for and attending this event. SPECIFICALLY I HOLD HARMLESS THE DSSG, IT'S ORGANIZER(S), THE WHITE HORSE CHRISTIAN RETREAT CAMP AND ANY OTHER REGISTRANTS WHO MAY VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME AND EFFORTS WITH THIS FUNCTION.

I further agree to abide by all rules established by the DSSG and its organizers as specified in rules established for the event.

The White Horse Christian Retreat Camp has a prohibition against alcohol use on White Horse Christian Retreat Camp grounds. We are obligated
to respect and follow this prohibition.

Further the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp in conjunction with the Deep South Star Gaze has a prohibition against firearms being carried as open carry or concealed. Any registrant of the Deep South Star Gaze displaying, holstering or concealing a firearm on his or her body on site will have to leave and will be banned from registering and attending any future Deep South Star Gaze or Deep South Spring Scrimmage. It is understood that an attendee may transport a personal protection weapon in his or her vehicle, that is where it has to stay. No exceptions and no second chances.

Further all registrants should indicate their COVID 19 Vaccination Status on the Registration Form (this is by Honor System). Your status will be used in making bunk room assignments. Anyone testing positive for COVID in the days leading up to the Spring Scrimmage or under the suspicion that they may be positive, should stay home. Any payment to date for this absence will be refunded. No exceptions for this policy.

I hereby waive any and all claims against the DSSG, IT'S ORGANIZERS, THE WHITE HORSE CHRISTIAN RETREAT CAMP AND ANY OTHER REGISTRANTS WHO MAY VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME AND EFFORTS DURING THE COURSE OF THIS FUNCTION for injury, death or personal property damage or theft in excess of my personal insurance coverage, except in matters of gross neglect or criminal action by either the DSSG/Deep South Spring Scrimmage, the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp, it's organizer and volunteers. In any incident involving other registrants outside of the actual management of the DSSG or DSSS, those registrants will be directly responsible for and shall be held accountable for their actions.

My signature on this form also indicates agreement and acceptance on behalf of all minor children (under 18 years of age) under my care in attendance.

________ (initial here) I have received a copy of the DSSG/DSSS Light and Parking Rules, in force during the Deep South Star Gaze or the Deep South Spring Scrimmage and will abide by them.

*Name Signature Date
(Please Print)

* Note – An additional Liability Release has to be completed by all attending family members, age 18 and over.

Additional names of minors (under 18) attending______________________________________(age) _________
_______________________________________(age) _________
_______________________________________(age) _________
_______________________________________(age) _________

Note - Registration is not complete until this form is completed and submitted with your Fee Form and payment.
Deep South Star Gaze/Spring Scrimmage – Rules & Regulations (Please keep this portion with you) revised 3-1-22

At the Deep South Star Gaze or Deep South Spring Scrimmage events held at the White Horse Christian Retreat Center, light restrictions will be in effect from deep dusk until dawn on the observing field and its approaches. Parking rules on the observing field and its approaches will be in force for the duration of the star gaze. These rules have been designed to make the star gaze an enjoyable experience and are based upon our previous 39 years with the Deep South Star Gaze. These rules are common sense and should be familiar to anyone who does regular astronomical observing from a dark site. Many regulations are the same or quite similar to rules found at other star parties.

1. Spots on the observing field are strictly first come, first serve, with the exception of the Registration Canopy (north side of the field). RV’s and campers because of size, have to set up outside of the Arena Field. Small telescope trailers will be permitted as long as space permits.

Attendees are prohibited from setting up any vehicle or equipment on the “Arena Field” until after the field is staked and marked. (This should be completed by noon on the first day of the event. (Other areas where set up is permitted at White Horse will not be laid out and attendees can park there upon arrival. Some direction may be given, particularly if arriving with an RV or Camper who have reserved 30 amp breaker tie in.)

We will lay out the field based upon registration numbers and the condition of the field. Each spot (observation station) will be approximately 15 feet wide. New arrivals should "key" off of what is already set up as we want to avoid creating spaces which are either too narrow or too wide between "observation stations" (observation stations consist of your telescopes, canopies or tents). Telescopes will be set up within a registrant’s spot closest to the field center (center line runs the length of the field. There will be an approximately 15 ft. corridor between (from the outside – vehicles, then canopies and then equipment) running the length of the field. No gaps will be left between canopies other than enough space to walk and/or move equipment. Our main objective is to conserve space on the field. Note too that canopy size should be no larger than 12’ x 12’. The field layout may be modified based upon registration numbers as circumstances dictate. 30 amp ac power will likely not be available to anyone set up on the Arena Field, hence no rv’s or campers here. Lower amperage electrical power is limited. Capability to run your equipment on battery power is recommended.

2. Once set up in a spot, your vehicle should be closest to the fence, preferably tail in, behind your car is your canopyn and in front of that your telescope equipment. You can also park your vehicle outside of the Arena Field. There will be no driving into or out of the Arena Field at night.

3. Vehicle Parking outside of the Arena Field and AC Power -

RVs and campers should be parked off of the south side of the road leading to the main White Horse Building. This is where we will have some 30 amp power. Before settling in anyone arriving in an rv or camper should come to the Arena Field and ask for help in getting a spot to set up. There is no guarantee of power availability.

Tents can be set up behind telescope equipment in lieu of a canopy or within a canopy. If registration is light we may be able to allow tent setup adjacent to a canopy. Do not expect this, in all likelihood you will not be able to set up both a canopy and a tent on the Arena Field unless the tent is under a canopy or if you elect to move your vehicle off the field. Tents can also be set up outside of the Arena Field.

AC electrical power will be available from a few 20 amp outlets within the barn. As several may want to tie into the same power source, tripping is a possibility. If that happens, lines will have to be removed from the power source in order (last one in is the first one out). The DSSG management is not providing extension cords or junction boxes. The run from the outlets to where telescopes will be on the Arena Field will be a minimum of 100 feet and a maximum of 300 feet. It is anticipated that heavy use could result in multiple tripped circuits. The cord run could also result in significant voltage drops. If you use cord(s), please secure it to the ground to prevent a tripping hazard. (Hint: use batteries if at all possible.)

We will have trash barrels strategically located around the fields.

Registration check-in will take place at the Registration Canopy located on the north side of the Arena Field.

"No Equipment” (reduced rate) registrants should park their vehicles as close to the entry gate to White Horse (where the “white horse” statue is). If parked in this area you can pack your vehicle (observing our light prohibition rules) and leave when we call out “time windows’ for departure. (8 pm, 10 pm and midnight).
No one parked on the Arena Field will be allowed to drive off at any time between dusk and dawn except in the case of an extreme emergency. Other registrants parked outside of the Arena Field can also leave (yellow parking lights only) during our departure windows.

4. White lights of any kind are forbidden after dark unless light rules are suspended due to weather conditions or an emergency. In the case of a true medical emergency, white lights are justified. Do whatever is necessary to make your car, truck or van "astronomy friendly". This includes turning off interior light master switches, removing fuses, leaving vehicles unlocked after dark (to avoid light flashes via remotes), covering lights that cannot be turned off, etc. The best practice is to simply plan ahead and not open doors after dark if there’s any question of lights coming on.

5. Flashlights and computer screens (at night) have to be red shielded, keep flashlights pointed down as much as possible. Some red shielded lights are still too bright. Use judgement and ask your neighbor if your light is too bright. If told by multiple people that your light is too bright, please take steps to correct this.

Note - Use of laptops on the field – any laptop used on the Arena Field must have its screen red shielded. If found to be too bright, the screen illumination can be turned down. Additionally it is a good idea to also shroud your laptop within an enclosure or “computer tent” – see links. This serves a double purpose as it also protects your computer from dew. If possible, please set up your computer so the screen is pointed away from other observers.

Links to buy red screens and computer enclosures/tents
https://www.amazon.com/s?k=computer+ten ... _sb_noss_1

6. Lasers or Red Dot Finders – red dot finders are perfectly fine for use at the DSSG. Green (or any other color) lasers used as a finder/pointer on telescopes or as hand held night sky pointers are prohibited.

7. Music – everyone has different tastes. If you like to listen to music when observing, use earphones.

8. The White Horse Christian Retreat Camp prohibits alcohol and it’s use on its grounds and in any of its buildings. Please respect their rules. We do not intend to forfeit our ability to continue to use the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp for the Deep South Star Gaze. Having said this, we are not roving policemen.

9. As stated elsewhere during the duration of any Deep South Star Gaze or Deep South Spring Scrimmage event no attendee is permitted to openly display (open carry) or conceal carry any firearm. If you have a firearm and feel you need to carry it in your vehicle, that is where it has to stay. NO EXCEPTIONS! This in in accordance with Mississippi state law. Proper signage will be posted.

See - https://midsouthgunlawyer.com/mississip ... c449690857

10. Pets are not allowed on White Horse Christian Retreat Camp grounds or in its buildings. No exceptions! You will have to leave if you are found with a pet at any Deep South Star Gaze event.

11. Football, frisbee, baseball, volleyball, etc. is not allowed near telescopes/equipment which has been set up. There are lots of other open areas on the property where you can throw a ball or toss a Frisbee.

12. Campfires, cook stoves, Sterno or propane heaters, barbecue pits are not allowed on the observing fields. While they are specifically not disallowed OFF the observing field, care must be taken to fully shield their light output so as not to be visible from the field. If light from a “cooking device” is visible on the field, you may be required to extinguish the device. NO USE AT NIGHT.

13. Smoking is not allowed on the observing fields. If you need to smoke please move far away from any area where scopes are set up. Smoking is not permitted in any buildings at the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp.

14. Quiet generator use will be permitted in conjunction with RV or camper operation. Their use is not permitted on the Arena Field.

Revised 3/1/22

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