2022 "Learn Your Telescope" Course

Talk or ask questions about the hardware used in astronomy.
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2022 "Learn Your Telescope" Course

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The 2022 Learn Your Telescope class will be on Saturday 5 February from 3:30pm to 7:30pm at the Highland Road Park Observatory. The cost is $15 per in-parish registrant and $18 per out-of-parish registrant; registration is in progress. The telescopes will be brought outside for practice, weather permitting. Also included will be an overview of all major sky events for the next twelve months. The registrant should bring all parts and accessories belonging to the telescope, including the instruction manual. Once again, this one-day course focuses specifically on telescopic views of the Baton Rouge sky.

Topics covered will include...
*how to set up your telescope
*how to care for your telescope
*major telescopic features in the Baton Rouge sky, and how to find them
*how to darken the sky from your home
*upcoming telescopic events
*actual practice aiming and focusing on the Moon and other celestial objects (weather permitting)

The class is limited to ten households; one telescope per household. Registrants must be over eighteen, though up to four household members over the age of eight may attend.
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