M 51 and Eagle Nebula

Tips and tricks, and maybe even a few samples.
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M 51 and Eagle Nebula

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Here are two images I took last night/this morning. (June 27/28, 2011)

Both were done at the HRPO on the 20" OGS with the attached Apogee Alta CCD.

M51 is app. 8.5 min of total exposure and the Eagle Nebula is app. 16.5 total exposure.

I've still got a LOT to learn about image calibration. These went through a rough dark subtraction, but I still haven't gotten the hang of flat fielding. Therefore, I apologize for the graininess :)
M51 Whirlpool Galaxy
M51 Whirlpool Galaxy
M51-RGB2.jpg (223.41 KiB) Viewed 17449 times
Eagle Nebula
Eagle Nebula
Eagle-RGB2.jpg (213.89 KiB) Viewed 17449 times
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Re: M 51 and Eagle Nebula

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One does not have to wait for adulthood to begin honing the ability to reach the skill set contributed to the images above. On Friday 20 September at 7:30pm, former Science Academy Cadet Judah Santiago will present "Astrophotography for Youth". It is one of the few Friday night lectures at HRPO not aimed at a general adult audience. The target age for this talk is twelve to twenty. As always, it has no admission fee. Judah has a number of years of experience creating beginners' images with non-expensive equipment. If an adolescent wants to get started preserving views of the night sky above his home, going to this talk is a good first step.
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