Orion 15x70 worth it?

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Francis Adams
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Orion 15x70 worth it?

Post by Francis Adams »

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. Looking for you expert opinion on Celestron Resolux Astronomy Binoculars.

I'm an avid outdoor enthusiast and prefer observing the night skies somewhere on the outdoors during my backpacking trips. That is also I am looking for something lightweight.

Celestron binocs are not the lightest you can find at the market (~5 lbs) but most experts and review websites feature it as the most rugged and waterproof which seems the most intriguing option for my outdoor adventures. https://wildproofgear.com/best-binocula ... targazing/ - however they say that a 5 lbs binoculars require a tripod? Should I look for a lighter option?

Have anyone tried these binoculars "in the field"?. If you can suggest any other alternative for outdoors at this price range (OR CHEAPER?) I would be very glad to consider it.

Christopher K.
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Re: Orion 15x70 worth it?

Post by Christopher K. »

Well, you know your arm strength. I certainly wouldn't go over 12x without a tripod or a Trico Sky Window, regardless of the weight, because the unsteadiness of the field of view due to the shaking of your hands and the beating of your heart is magnified as well. I mentioned the Sky Window back in 2013; it allows you to look through your binocular just as a microscope, though the image will be flipped vertically. I don't know if it's still in manufacture. The Highland Road Park Observatory has one on site.

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Re: Orion 15x70 worth it?

Post by sdcadwall »

I think Chris is right here about the weight. The 15x70s are pretty great binos (I have a similar pair that I like) but they do have a few drawbacks. The cheaper versions have a notorious issue with getting out of collimating—some brands are better than others, but the cheaper pairs will all have issues, especially if they’re getting banged up in a backpack all day. But I think the main issue is the weight and the magnification. You can hold a 15x70 pretty well for short intervals, but you won’t really be able to take advantage of the extra magnification since you’re bound to sway a bit without a tripod. My advice would be to look for quality binos in the 7-10 magnification range. I’m not sure the 40mm and lower binos will pull in enough light, but some 50-60mm will definitely give you a great image, especially from camp (my 8x56s give really fantastic views). If you’re set on getting some large binos, think of really investing in something you wouldn’t want to risk in a rucksack—and get yourself a nice tripod to help out.

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