A nice walk with my Binos

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A nice walk with my Binos

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Woke up this morning to the first cold clear sky in weeks. Grabbed my trusty 15x70 Skymasters on my way out to fetch my newspaper laying on my frost coated lawn. Even though morning twilight was starting to make itself felt and our now rampant light pollution made anything north of 15 degrees past the zenith near hopeless I did manage a couple of treats. The steady clear air that allowed the precipitous drop in temperature show Jupiter very nicely. At least three of the jovian moons were seen like little ducklings around the drake. I could even make out the hint of dark cloud bands on the planet. Looking southward, I could see that Scorpius was starting to show itself above the trees. Oddly, there was one bright yellow star that shouldn't have been. By golly, it was Saturn! I hadn't even thought of the ringed planet since summertime so it was a total surprise to me to find it in winter on the last day of the year. It was a bit too low to make out the "ears" very well (can't call them rings at only 15X) but you could tell that this "star" was not round but more oblong. I have been toying with another pair of 25x70 binos, but wonder if that much magnification will kill the ability to hand hold them like i do the 15x70s. Having to mount the 25X binos on a tripod would nix the convenience I enjoy with the 15X, which sort of defeats the purpose for purchasing them to begin with. I really must find a pair to physically test somewhere.

Well, enough rambling.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my dear friends here. :D

"Poppa" Chris

"First star to the right, then straight on until morning!" - Peter Pan

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Re: A nice walk with my Binos

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For anyone considering buying a binocular as a gift (or for oneself), HRPO will have present purchasing tips to the public (no admission fee) on Friday 6 December at 7:30pm. Remember, binoculars should be purchased in person--at BassPro, Academy Sports, Cabela's, the Backpacker or other reputable store.

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