Fresh Forum!

About the B.R.A.S. itself, or any topics that don't fit in the other forums.
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Fresh Forum!

Post by btoman »

It's nice to see the transition to a new server went well. (As far as any of us not involved in doing it know!) I just heard at the BRAS meeting tonight that the change had been effected. Thank you Fred and Mike. (And anyone else involved in the process.)

I've never been one to post much on Forums, but I have been enjoying this one since I joined several months ago. It seems sometimes like there isn't much traffic other than Fred and Chris, but sometimes I would look at the "views" vs "replies" and realize that even though there weren't always a lot of replies, that didn't mean the thread was not being viewed. I saw a lot of cool stuff on the last forum and I for one am looking forward to viewing and contributing more to this fresh slate!

Good Job Guys!
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Re: Fresh Forum!

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Looks good!
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Re: Fresh Forum!

Post by Christopher K. »

Yes, a big "thank you" to Mike and Fred. The transition was accomplished in good time, and the BRAS website having its own devoted URL negates a couple of problems that kept occurring!

The November Planetary Post (due out sometime before Friday night) will mention this new Forum.

I trust it will be highly successful. I'm sure some will get a kick out of the icons and smilies, and other "bells and whistles".

I also want to thank Fred Barnett for adding a new section for discussions of efficient lighting and light control. Hopefully, we'll get into a habit of posting in a timely manner all the new (mostly good) changes that seem to be taking place in that concern of our hobby.
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