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Life on Exoplanets

Posted: October 27th, 2016, 3:21 pm
by Christopher K.
Since the discovery of the first exoplanet in 1995, we have wondered whether we will find at least planet life on any of them.

Earth is the only place in the Universe harboring life—as far as we know. This is surprising as the Universe is unfathomably vast. While few professional astronomers would describe themselves as “alien hunters”, there are many who are involved in the search for life out in the stars, including exobiologists and planetary scientists.

On Friday 4 November at the Highland Road Park Observatory, LSU graduate student Tyler Ellis will discuss the idea of life beyond Earth as presented in fiction while constraining our wildest imaginations within the realms of what is known about life here. The talk begins at 7:30pm, is aimed at a general adult audience and has no admission fee.

More information: ... anets-101/

Re: Life on Exoplanets

Posted: August 28th, 2017, 2:43 pm
by Christopher K.
Professor Robert Parks joined the LSU Department of Physics and Astronomy last year and is part of the Physics Education Group; he received his Ph.D. from Georgia State University in 2014. Dr. Parks will present "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" on Friday 1 September at 7:30pm.

About Dr. Parks:

Re: Life on Exoplanets

Posted: July 27th, 2018, 1:42 pm
by Islander
I love professor Parks. His lectures are just priceless. I wonder what his thoughts are on the liquid lake on Mars that's just been discovered...

Re: Life on Exoplanets

Posted: September 8th, 2018, 5:37 pm
by Christopher K.
I believe he was supposed to helm the class that takes place this fall at HRPO, but there was a delay in his taking over. I've met him; he's a nice man.