inquiry about light pollution literature

The bane of every astronomer's existence.
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inquiry about light pollution literature

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Does the Dark Sky Committee or anyone else in the BRAstro group have a current list of refereed, non biased (i.e., non astronomy/dark sky advocacy group) articles on the adverse impacts of light pollution on human health, safety, and the environment? Such a list would be quite useful at the neighborhood scale in dark sky advocacy.


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Re: inquiry about light pollution literature

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I don't know. I'm not sure how much those would help BRAS, as our main bent is the increase of the SQM rating at HRPO, and the light pollution that destroys a good SQM rating can be seen objectively and easily just by going out and looking up, and therefore needs no confirmation of its existence from "refereed" journal articles.

I suppose other arguments always can be made at the next LPC meeting, but I've vocally expressed my caution for an astronomy club spouting out too many statistics concerning adverse effects on human health, wildlife and taxes; I fear an incident during which we misattribute a fact or misdefine a word, or add or take away a "0" simply because we've attempted to immerse ourselves in a subject that is not our line of expertise.

My ongoing suggestion has been to steer environmentalist organizations, zoos, nature centers etc. to the wildlife statistics and let them interpret those for the public; draw local doctors, hospitals and medical societies' attentions to the human health statistics and let them bring up those in dealing with the public...and so on, while we focus specifically on the astronomy side of it.

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Re: inquiry about light pollution literature

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I recommend checking to see if your public library has access to online databases such as MasterFile Premier (magazine and journal articles) and Newsbank (newspaper and magazine articles). (You will, of course, need a library card number with your public library if you go in this direction.)

I have found resources like these to be useful in my experience.

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