2017 "Learn Your Sky" Course

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2017 "Learn Your Sky" Course

Post by Christopher K. » November 29th, 2016, 1:48 pm

HRPO's twentieth anniversary is soon upon us, and the three partners in the venture (BREC, LSU, BRAS) are working to make this the best calendar year of public offerings in the facility's history! A one-day, four-hour class on the sky will take place at HRPO on Saturday, 21 January 2017 from 3pm to 7pm.

This class is an introduction to the unaided-eye Baton Rouge sky. There will be outside practice, weather permitting. Also included will be an overview of all major sky events for the next twelve months. Once again, this one-day course focuses specifically on the unaided-eye Baton Rouge sky.

Topics that will be covered include…
*major lunar features and how to find them
*basic skygazing terminology
*how to distinguish planets from stars
*what meteors, conjunctions and “visible passes” are, and how to see them
*major unaided-eye features of our Milky Way Galaxy
*solar viewing safety, and how to view the Sun without store-bought equipment
*how to darken the sky from your home
*upcoming unaided-eye events
*benefits of belonging to an astronomy club
*actual practice identifying stars, asterisms and constellations (weather permitting)

The cost is $15 per EBR Parish registrant, and $18 for each person living outside of EBR Parish. Enrollment is in progress. The class is limited to thirty registrants, all of whom must be over eighteen; children are not allowed.

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