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2016 Deep South Regional StarGaze

Posted: July 19th, 2016, 6:08 pm
by Christopher K.
The thirty-fourth Deep South Regional StarGaze will take place from 25 October to 30 October at the Feliciana Retreat Center in Norwood. Registration and waiver forms should be available at the BRAS meeting on 8 August, or the 12 September meeting at the latest.

More information:

Re: 2016 Deep South Regional StarGaze

Posted: July 22nd, 2016, 8:07 pm
by Christopher K.
I have been informed that BRAS will not have an August meeting at HRPO. The DSRSG forms should be available at the following meeting on 12 September.

Re: 2016 Deep South Regional StarGaze

Posted: September 29th, 2016, 1:42 pm
by bsimon615
I have heard a few reports of people having trouble accessing the Deep South Star Gaze Group at Yahoo Groups. You are not alone if this has happened to you, it can be a little glitchy sometimes, but there is a trick, and here it is -

1) If you are already a Yahoo Groups Member and a member of the Deep South Star Gaze Group, do the following - go to Yahoo Groups and attempt to load the Deep South Group. If it does not open right away look for a little rectangular box at the top that says - "Loading". This box is salmon colored on my computer, but it may be a different color on yours. Anyway, right click on this box and the Deep South Star Gaze group should open right away. Once open, go to the Files Section where you can find the Registration Forms for 2016

2) Another way to get to the same place is to go to Google and type Deep South Star Gaze into the Search box. This will bring you to the website created by Len Philpot. In the second paragraph right above the photograph with two star gaze attendees talking by the blue canopy. Len has a hotlink there that will take you directly to the DSSG Yahoo Group. Nothing else needed to be done. However if it hangs up, go thru the clicking on "Loading" routine I described above.

3) If anyone has any difficulty, just email me and I will attach the necessary forms directly to an email back to you.

Barry Simon

Re: 2016 Deep South Regional StarGaze

Posted: October 5th, 2016, 8:08 pm
by bsimon615
The lodge is now full for our upcoming Deep South Star Gaze as of 10-5-16. Here is a list of our 55 registrants to date. I still have plenty of cottage space available. (Bunkhouse style - nice rooms but you will be sharing the room and you have to bring your own bed linens, sleeping bag, towels, etc.)

I have two registrations that I received today for people who wanted a lodge room. One wants to be wait listed in the hope that someone cancels.

If you have mailed your registration but do not see your name on the list below, I have not received it yet. If you requested a lodge room I will be contacting you to discuss your options.

1 Gaddy, Kenneth
2 Marcella, Ron
3 Simon, Barry
4 Shirkey, Bryan
5 Aymond, Kirk
6 Louque, Scott
7 Philpot, Len
8 Cooney, Walt
9 Clarke, Terry
10 Clarke, Francine
11 Thompson, Greg
12 Manuel, Terry
13 Jurek, Jared
14 Mollise, Rod
15 Mollise, Dorothy
16 Swiger, James
17 Leech, Pam
18 Gelpi, Sid
19 McNab, Cecilia
20 Hudgens, Lynn
21 Kannard, Lance
22 Watzke, John
23 Watzke, Beth
24 Mann, Tim
25 Mann, Cindy
26 LeBlanc, Heather
27 LeBlanc, Eric
28 LeBlanc, Brandon
29 Brocksmith, Donald
30 Davis, Bill
31 Williams, David
32 Edmiston, Steve
33 Edmiston, Haley
34 LeCompte, Brian
35 Sinitiere, Bob
36 Sinitiere, Vina
37 Diaz, David
38 Conrad, Claire
39 Halupowski, David
40 LaBauve, Jerry
41 Martinez, John
42 Prados, Bill
43 Prados, Chere
44 Junius, Ralph
45 Brunnix, Joe
46 Genovese, Charles
47 Genovese, Cindy
48 Stevens, Norm
49 Stevens, Mrs.
50 Stevens, Zander
51 Marrs, Howard
52 Marrs, Deborah
53 Morris, Joe
54 Matthews, Ed
55 Smith, Forrest

Thanks for looking,

Barry Simon