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3 weeks to the 32nd Annual Deep South Regional StarGaze

Posted: October 1st, 2014, 10:53 am
by bsimon615
As of now our registration stands at 48. This is slightly ahead of the same time last year (20 days out from the DSRSG) so if the current trend continues our registration should be about 90. Maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less.

Based upon registrations to date, our counts for each day is as follows -

Tuesday, October 21st - 12 registered - projected forward --------14

Wednesday, October 22nd - 15 registered - projected forward --- 22

Thursday, October 23rd - 23 registered - projected forward ------ 34

Friday, October 24th - 42 registered - projected forward ----------- 82

Saturday, October 25th - 41 registered - projected forward -------- 91

Of course the weather can potential affect final registration a lot. At this point the lodge is essentially full. Maybe another half dozen not registered yet will be staying in the lodge and maybe another half dozen will be staying in cottages. We could get another 12 to 15 in tents, but once again the weather is a major player here. Good weather over the weekend and we may top ninety, bad weather and we will be lucky to hit 65 to 70.

Once again, keep in mind that the deadline to sign on for meals is the end of this week and after this Friday (postmark date) our registration fees increase.

I will be at the PAS Picnic this Saturday and if anyone wants to hand deliver their completed registration form to me there I will be able to honor the lower registration fees ($25 per person/$35 per family). After that the registration fees become $40 per person/$60 per family; no exceptions.

Barry Simon