Deep South Spring Scrimmage begins this week!

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Deep South Spring Scrimmage begins this week!

Post by bsimon615 » April 20th, 2014, 9:43 am

Dates - Thursday, 4/24 to Sunday, 4/27

We have 26 paid attendees for the Spring Scrimmage this week with the possibility of a few more dropping by for some good times both during the day and the evening on Saturday. This will be a "big" crowd as Spring Scrimmages go, largest we have had. Certainly smaller than the much larger DSRSG in the fall, but not without it's own advantages.

As with the DSRSG please plan on arriving no earlier than 10 am. The new Feliciana Retreat Center Director, Ida Sharpe, appears to be a no nonsense kind of person. In our conversations she noted that there was a lot slipping thru the cracks so to speak under the former management and she intends to change that. For instance this year I was sent a contract that I had to review and sign and return with a deposit ($600.00). We have never had to do that before. In that 4 page contract she purposely included the Feliciana Retreat Center "Rules of Use" which I have posted here before, so no need to go over all of that again. I do however want to mention one thing about one of the FRC prohibitions - Firearms on Site - strictly prohibited. All I will say about this is if you commonly keep "protection" in your vehicle.....keep it there and do not talk about it. I am not going to police anyone about this poiint but fair warning - if anyone gets "caught" by FRC because of a violation, I will correctly state that everyone was made aware of this rule in particular and told to keep firearms at home (which I am doing now). I am not going to jeopardize the DSRSG or the Spring Scrimmage because of the actions of one or two people. The DSRSG will go on but you may find yourself banned from future events by the management of the Feliciana Retreat Center. Enough said!

Right now the weather is looking pretty good with high temperatures in the low 80's and low temperatures in the low 60's. It is looking pretty good too in terms of sunny days and clear nighttime skies. Right now I am happy with the current weather forecast, I hope it does not change.

Setup - with fewer people, we do not have to layout and mark the field. Set up where you like. There will be another group of a very large number of school kids there on Thursday. They will be using the Multi-Use Building near the field. You may want to avoid setting up on the end of the field near the opening to the Multi-Use Building (the northwest and west areas of the field. They will have dinner after we are finished with dinner on Thursday and then they will head home. They may or may not be interested in seeing our scopes and maybe looking at the Sun if invited, so be prepared for that. Meal times are 8 am, 12 noon and 5 pm for those who have purchased meals.

Here is a list of our registrants for the Spring Scrimmage -

1 Rod Mollise
2 David Diaz
3 Kirk Aymond
4 Ron Marcella
5 Barry Simon
6 Steve Edmiston
7 Len Philpot
8 Annette Philpot
9 Rachel Philpot
10 Martin Fanning
11 James Fanning
12 John Watzke
13 Beth Watzke
14 John Murphy
15 Heather LeBlanc
16 Brandon LeBlanc
17 Eric LeBlanc
18 Taras Wertelecki
19 Leonard Middlebrooks
20 Toni Middlebrooks
21 Walter Sarrat
22 Fred Mayer
23 Frank Castagna
24 Mike Danielson
25 Gabe Dickens
26 Brian LeCompte

Remember too that the only fees are meal fees (in advance) and lodging fees. If anyone else wants to participate (but no meals or lodging needed), just come on up!

Any questions? Post them here.

Barry Simon

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