DSRSG Spring Scrimmage Registrations thru April 5th

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DSRSG Spring Scrimmage Registrations thru April 5th

Post by bsimon615 » April 5th, 2014, 12:13 pm

The DSRSG Spring Scrimmage (to be held Thursday April 24th to Sunday April 27th) now has all lodge rooms taken on the west side of the Feliciana Retreat Center. We did not reserve the east side lodge rooms. There is a possibility that I may be able to get some of those rooms if needed, but I need to know very soon.

If anyone has any questions please look up my number on the PAS roster and give me a call.

We are now at a registration of 26, best we have ever done for the Spring Scrimmage.

1 Rod Mollise
2 David Diaz
3 Kirk Aymond
4 Ron Marcella
5 Barry Simon
6 Steve Edmiston
7 Len Philpot
8 Annette Philpot
9 Rachel Philpot
10 Martin Fanning
11 James Fanning
12 John Watzke
13 Beth Watzke
14 John Murphy
15 Heather LeBlanc
16 Brandon LeBlanc
17 Eric LeBlanc
18 Taras Wertelecki
19 Leonard Middlebrooks
20 Toni Middlebrooks
21 Walter Sarrat
22 Fred Mayer
23 Frank Castagna
24 Mike Danielson
25 Gabe Dickens
26 John Martinez

Barry Simon

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