Deep South Spring Scrimmage - One Day Attendance

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Deep South Spring Scrimmage - One Day Attendance

Post by bsimon615 » March 16th, 2014, 12:27 pm

Just a reminder -

Many of you cannot commit the time and expense to attend the Deep South Spring Scrimmage over a number of days and nights, but, here is a thought -

If the weather is looking good for Saturday, April 26th, just come up for that afternoon and evening. This will not be any different than going to a regular weekend star party at the location of your choice. From New Orleans the Feliciana Retreat Center is about 100 minutes away, from Baton Rouge it is much closer, just about 50 minutes away.

There is no registration fee, so come up, set up your equipment and enjoy the pleasant surroundings and the night sky along with the rest of us.

Some may even want to commit to planning that now, if you do and you want a hot meal too you can reserve that now ($11.00 for dinner at 5 pm on Saturday). I will need payment. Otherwise bring your own food/snacks/drinks. The Feliciana Retreat Center is well worth the travel time necessary to get there. Bathrooms are available, wi-fi too.

Barry Simon

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