SkyWatcher EQ5 PRO SynScan Mount

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SkyWatcher EQ5 PRO SynScan Mount

Post by bsimon615 » January 26th, 2019, 12:48 pm

The SkyWatcher EQ5 Pro SynScan mount is a quite manageable Go-To mount with over 40,000 objects in it's data base. It is a great compliment to larger mounts like the SkyWatcher EQ6 and EQ6R and HEQ5 or the Orion Atlas and Orion Sirius mounts. Those mounts use the same operating system so if you use those systems you can use this mount without having to learn anything new.

The advantage of the EQ5 Pro SynScan is it's portability. It can easily be carried outside for short observing sessions. It has a 20 lb. payload capacity which is more than enough for telescopes like the Celestron or Meade 6 inch Schmidt-cassegrains or refractors up to about 120 mm aperture with a focal length of no more than 1000 mm. See my photos attached showing examples of scopes that work well on the mount.

I am selling this mount because I have not used it much, it is in essentially brand new condition. It also includes a half pier on top of the tripod which raises the mount height. My other two "go-to" mounts use the "NexStar" operating system which is a bit different from "SynScan". The transition from one to the other can be a little confusing so I think it better for me to stay with one operating system. However for those that already use "SynScan", this mount would be a logical compliment to your larger mounts when you need portability.

See the following for a good overview of operations:

I am asking $375.00 for this mount (price is firm). When new they sold for about $700.00

Thanks for looking!

Barry Simon
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