Eyepieces and Other Astronomy Equipment for Sale

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Eyepieces and Other Astronomy Equipment for Sale

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I have been asked to sell the following items by a friend at the World War II Museum. Before I post these items to the national sales boards I wanted to reach out and see if you would be interested in some of these things. Included are the following items, all in conditions as marked and with accessories as marked.

The first number before the / mark is typical selling price new, and the second price is what I will sell it for - typically 50% of new.

TeleVue Panoptic 24 mm - 320/160 - with box and caps. Black anodized barrel & coatings very good condition. Set screw marks, minor, on lower chrome barrel

TeleVue Plossl 32 mm 147/73 - with box and caps, very good to excellent condition with some very minor marks on upper barrel anodizing, virtually no marks on the chrome barrel

TeleVue Plossl 11 mm 95/47 - with box and caps, excellent condition

TV Nagler 13 mm Type 6 - 320/160 - with box and caps, Black anodized barrel & coatings very good condition. Moderate set screw marks on lower chrome barrel

ExploreScientific 14 mm 100 degree 2" eyepiece, nitrogen purged - 400/200 with box and caps, some minor marks on upper barrel, coatings fine, minimal marks on lower barrel

Howie Glatter 1.25" laser collimator - 185/110, excellent condition

Howie Glatter Tublug for 1.25" focusers to be used with a laser collimator - 140/85, excellent condition

Sirius 25 mm plossl eyepiece, 1.25" - 48/24 - very good to excellent condition

Meade 2x Telenegative barlow - 40/15 - fair condition, some marks, coatings ok, very usable

Variable Camera Adapter, 1.25" - 50/25

2" Prime Focus camera adapter with rubber grip ring - 40/20, in excellent condition

There is also a 10" f/5 dobsonian, looks to be home built, have not seen to evaluate condition and will probably try to sell this locally as I do not want to ship. It has a TeleRad base, I have the TeleRad with me,

There is also a 90 mm ETX which I have not seen.

Everything but the telescopes (at this point) are in my possession for sale.

Please contact me if interested in anything.

Barry Simon
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