Tons (Literally) of Astronomical Equipment for Sale!!!!!!!!!

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Tons (Literally) of Astronomical Equipment for Sale!!!!!!!!!

Post by bsimon615 » December 14th, 2015, 10:49 am

We are helping a few people sell their astronomical equipment. Much of what is being sold has never been used and is in new or almost new condition. If interested please contact me (Barry Simon) at:

Optical Tube Assemblies

Celestron C6R / f8 OTA $225
Celestron C-100 ED / f9 Doublet OTA $200
Konus 150mm / f8 OTA w/ finder $200
Meade (2) LXD 75 EMC 152mm / f7.9 OTA w/ finders (each) $300
Nightfire Scientific 150mm / f8 w/ 30mm finder $175
Vixen ED 100 Sf OTA w/ finder & splitter diagonal (and case) $225
Vixen ED 115 S OTA w/ finder & splitter diagonal $800
Zhumell 152mm / F7.9 OTA w/ finder $175

Mount and OTA Package

Meade EMC 127mm ED OTA w/ Meade LXD 650 Mount $925


Celestron Super Polaris (2) (each) $150
Unbranded (Celestron type) CG-5 w/ RA & DEC Motors $250
Meade LXD-75 Go To Mount $250
Meade LXD 750 Mount $1200
Meade LX 80 GEM / Alt-Az Mount $625
Vixen Sphinx SX Goto Mount w/ Starbook 10 $750
Orion Versa-Go III Micro Motion Alt-Az Mount $150


Pentax X0 2.5 mm $375
Pentax XW 3.5 mm $250
TMB Planetary II in either 3.2, 4 or 7 mm (each) $50


Bausch & Lomb Galen II Stereo Microscope (new in case) with sub-stage
Illuminator and mechanical stage (40x, 100x, 400x and 1000x) $225

Kendrick TeleRad Red Dot Finder with base $35

CCD Equipment - contact me for details - we have Santa Barbara ST-8e, a filter wheel, a STV video imager and
a Starlight Express HX 516 all in cases and unused

Meade LX 200 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope with fork mount and tripod $800.00

Van Slyke Focuser which will work with the Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain $300.00

Obsession 25 inch f/5 dobsonian telescope, never assembled, with Galaxy mirror (never opened) and a
FeatherTouch focuser in covered trailer with new tires and a hydraulic/electric gate - $9000.00

Solar Filters

Orion Part# 07730 4.30" with factory installed rubber spacer, and plasttic thumb screw adjusters - or 4 7/16" inside of metal ring Price new- $40.00

Orion Part# 07798 4.57" with factory installed rubber spacer, and plastic thumb screw adjusters
or 413/16" inside of metal ring Price new- $40.00

Thousand Oaks part# 5000 2+ 5" ID with no spacer inside metal ring. Comes with 15" x 3/4' piece of
do it yourself self stick felt. Price new $40.00

Celestron Model# 94136 CR-150 6" (6 5/8" inside plastic ring- no felt spacer material supplied).$40.00

Also the two Orion filters come with extra self stick felt pads to tweek

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