Missing space matter found by scientists after 30-year search

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Missing space matter found by scientists after 30-year search

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After a thirty-year search, the missing ordinary — or 'baryonic' — matter that scientists predicted ought to be found in the universe has been located.
The so-called 'missing baryon problem' emerged when cosmologists in the late nineties predicted that 5 per cent of the universe should be made of normal matter.

However, when they counted up all the ordinary matter they could observe, they could only account for around half what they predicted the universe should have. 

Researchers led from Australia, however, have now figured out where all the 'missing' matter is — spread thinly across the vast expanses between galaxies.

This matter is dubbed 'WHIM' — the 'warm-hot intergalactic medium' — and is made up of a a low-density, million-degree hot plasma that permeates the universe.

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