The Constellation Lynx

Tiny points of light, with a magic all their own.
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The Constellation Lynx

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Would you like to test the naturalness of the sky above your home? At 9pm go outside and face east. You'll see the constellation Leo the Lion tilting up to the right. His backwards-question mark-head is unmistakable. To the upper left of his head will be a magnitude 3.3, K-class (that means orange in color) star named Alpha Lyncis. This is the brightest star of the faint constellation Lynx.

Baton Rougeans have acceptable skygazing conditions until 11:30pm CDT. Here is the NOAA forecast for 9pm to 11pm...
precipitation potential, 0%
sky cover, 33%
relative humidity, 78%
temperature, 23˚C
surface wind, S 11 km/h

Danko's Clear Dark Sky states that during HRPO's viewing time the transparency rating will be "above average" (3 out of 5) and the seeing rating will be "poor" (2 out of 5). This is a very good forecast!

More information about Lynx:
365 Starry Nights by Chet Raymo (entry for 26 March)

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