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The "fainting" of the great supergiant Betelgeuse (usually one of the fifteen brightest stars in the sky) is a major topic of discussion within the professional and amateur ranks. Betelgeuse has dimmed to a pathetic (for it) magnitude not seen in recent skygazing history. A preliminary look at AAVSO estimates by Sarah Beck indicates Betelgeuse may be at one of its faintest points since 1893. Bob King estimates a magnitude of just 1.8(!) as recently as Monday.

On 14 February, 7:30pm at HRPO, a presentation entitled "The Current State of Betelgeuse" will be offered to the general adult public. There is no admission fee; the presentation will explain the type of regular variability Betelgeuse has, how this current dimming deviates from that, and what to expect in the future.

Happy Early Valentine' Day.

More information: ... etelgeuse/

2 Jan 2020 APOD:

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