19/P Borelly

Celestial visitors from the edge of the Solar System.
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19/P Borelly

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In France on 28 December 1904 while actually looking for comets, Alphonse Borelly found one. The comet was seen by many the next month as it reached at least magnitude 9. A nice apparition happened in December 1911 as Comet Borelly reached magnitude 8.4. Another agreeable apparition was the one in September 2001; the magnitude then was ~10. The September 2001 was the pass during which the Deep Space 1 spacecraft flew by and took very good pictures.

This Friday night at the Highland Road Park Observatory, the presentation "The Amazing Voyage of Deep Space 1" will begin at 7pm. The talk has no admission fee, and is aimed at a general adult audience (high schoolers should have no problem). Weather permitting, there will be sky viewing afterwards until 10pm.

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About Deep Space 1:

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