Asteroids you may see in onlrne "news" stories

Small pieces of rock, with a big influence (just ask the dinosaurs).
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Asteroids you may see in onlrne "news" stories

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From time to time, an asteroid starts to make "news" online. This forum thread is a place look information on such asteroids.

Here is one of my write up and commentary on the upcoming Close-Approach of 2018 VP1. I ran the observations of 2018 VP1 through a program call Find_orb to get a better idea of where it is going.

See: "A Foofaraw Over a NEO Designated 2018 VP1" at ... 8-vp1.html

Find_orb computing Monte Carlo variant orbits for the NEO 2018 VP1. One can use Monte Carlo method to create virtual asteroids. By using orbits of the virtual asteroids one can can see where the "real" asteroid could go. If any of virtual asteroids impact the Earth they become known as virtual impactors and the is 'Non-Zero' probability of the real asteroid hitting the Earth {200/129,658 about 0.15%}
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