Curiosity Might Not Be In An Ancient Lake At All

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Curiosity Might Not Be In An Ancient Lake At All

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Photos can’t do some places justice – nor can any level of sophisticated remote sensing. That seems to be the case for Gale Crater. Curiosity has been wandering around the crater for almost the last nine years. Scientists thought Gale crater was an old lakebed, and it was specifically chosen as a landing site to allow Curiosity to collect samples from such a lakebed. But new research from scientists at the University of Hong Kong shows that most likely, the samples Curiosity has been analyzing during its sojourn didn’t actually form in a lake.

The researchers suggest that the samples Curiosity collected were deposited as part of dust storms over millions of years, covering up any existing lake sediment that might once have existed in Gale crater. The key to this assertion is hydrochemistry.

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