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Five Galilean Moon Double-Shadow Transits, 11 May to 19 June

Posted: May 5th, 2017, 4:06 pm
by Christopher K.
Amazingly, five double-shadow transits will occur within six weeks of one another and visible in a night or twilight sky from North America.

Below are the Central Daylight times at which each double-shadow transit begins, the moons involved, and how high in the Baton Rouge sky Jupiter will be...
*Io and Europa on Thursday 11 May, 8:59pm [during twilight], Jupiter at forty-eight degrees in the southeast
*Io and Europa on Thursday 18 May, 10:54pm, Jupiter at fifty-four degrees in the south
*Io and Europa on Friday 26 May, 12:47am, Jupiter at thirty-four degrees in the southwest
*Io and Ganymede on Saturday 3 June, 9:21pm [during twilight and Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon], Jupiter at fifty-five degrees in the south
*Io and Europa on Monday 19 June, 9:04pm, [during twilight], Jupiter at fifty-two degrees in the southwest

More information:
May 2017 Sky & Telescope, p. 18

NOTE: There are two other double-shadow transits, but the one on 27 May finishes before 7:45pm (and so the sky will be quite bright) and the one on 2 June begins with Jupiter only four degrees up and setting.