Great Martian Apparition of 2020-2021

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Re: Great Martian Apparition of 2020-2021

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The following restrictions are imposed on HRPO and its patrons until further notice...
*All people who are not part of the same household must stay at least six feet apart from one another.
*Only fifty (50) patrons are allowed on site at any one time.
*Only twelve (12) patrons are allowed inside the main floor at any one time.
*No patron will be allowed inside the main floor unless he/she agrees to a temperature scan and wears a mask.
*Only one (1) patron will be allowed inside each bathroom at any one time.
*There is a strict time limit of thirty minutes for each patron’s visit.

Below is the NOAA forecast for HRPO's planned viewing time of 6:30pm to 12:30am CDT...
precipitation potential, 0%
sky cover, 3%
relative humidity, 67%
temperature, 21˚C
surface wind, N 8 km/h

Danko's Clear Dark Sky states that during HRPO's viewing time the transparency rating will be "above average" (4 out of 5) and the seeing rating will be "average" (3 out of 5). Although LSU will be conducting data gathering for a class with the 20OGS, both domes will be closed to the public until the six-foot rule is abolished. Sunset is at 6:34pm CDT; twilight ends at 7:55pm CDT.

Please keep in mind, Mars will be visible above HRPO's eastern treeline only after 8pm. If you cannot make it tonight, HRPO will be open on Saturday the 17th from 8pm to 10pm, during which time Mars will be almost as big and bright.

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